Moving Forward

June 20, 2007

After meeting with my surgeon, Dr. Schulick, it has been determined that I will need surgery to remove the cancer on my pancreas. The surgery has been set for Wed, June 27th at 7:30 am. He and his team at Johns Hopkins are planning on performing the Whipple procedure. This is a complicated procedure that usually take 6-8 hours to perform. Dr. Schulick does 1-3 of these a week and Johns Hopkins hospital has performed more of these procedures than any hospital in the world. Isn’t God awesome!

The recovery time will be lengthy so once surgery day comes this blog may become quiet for awhile. I will try to keep you informed until then although there is a lot to do between now and then.

Thanks again for your prayers. I am trusting God everyday!

New Scheduling System Coming!

March 3, 2007

Planning Center

In the next few weeks you will begin receiving emails from me through the Planning Center. These emails will be inviting you to participate in leading in worship on specific days. Please respond by accepting or declining the invitation. You may then look at the plans for that particular service. You will also note the rehearsal times and sound check time. (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SCHEDULE AS PREVIOUSLY POSTED HAS NOT CHANGED. Also, the teams have not changed.)

I am really excited about this NEW system of communicating plans for services in the future. This will assist us all in planning for the best services possible. You may even log in with your own password and see your schedule. You can also block out dates that you know you will not be in town so you don’t get scheduled.

There are other cool features that I’ll share with you in the coming weeks that will help us better prepare for rehearsals and services. Go visit the Planning Center and check it out when you get your initial email. I think you will find it real easy to use.

Thanks for serving! – DM

Fall Schedule

September 28, 2006

If you haven’t checked your email, I’ve posted the tentative Fall Schedule. Take a look and let me know if you have a conflict. If I don’t hear of any need to make changes I’ll post the final schedule next week.

Take a close look at the “Schedule” page. Note the new weekly rehearsal schedule. We’ll give this new schedule a try and tweak it as needed. Please honor each others’ time and be prompt for your scheduled rehearsal time. As always give me a call if you have any questions.

Check out this recording

September 12, 2006

Here is a sample of the recording from Sunday. You guys are awesome!

Blessed Be Your Name

Help needed

September 8, 2006

Saturday night (Sept 9) after the “By The Tree” concert at the Church at Severn Run we will need help breaking down their band and resetting the stage for Sunday morning. If you can help please comment to this post and stay around after the concert. Thanks in advance.

Stay Tuned!

July 8, 2006

That’s the best way to describe the next few weeks. Things are changing daily at the building site. The Audio Ethics installation team is here and working 10-12 hour days. They anticipate having 90% of their work done by next Friday. WOW! I will be posting updates here next week as we get closer to knowing more the date we will be moving in.

Speaking of moving, I am looking for some volunteers to help move music and video ministry materials and equipment. If you would be willing to help please email me or comment to this post. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I’ve posted the next two weeks worship details, check it out.

PRAY! The prayer tours will begin tomorrow (7/9) at 2 pm at the new facility. Come spend a fast hour praying for all that God is about to do through the Church at Severn Run.

Transition to Severn Run

June 29, 2006

You will notice just below the calendar that I have listed some “Transition Dates”. These dates are still projected dates so stay tuned for updates. As soon as we know the dates are firm I will post it here!

I will be posting some very important dates for you in the coming weeks. We are planning some time in this process for everyone on the team to do a personal sound check on the new system. As soon as those times are firm I’ll post the schedule here.

Our audio contractor will be here next week and stay until the job is complete. Pray that all will go smoothly.