Worship This Weekend

Thanks to the whole team for your leadership in worship this weekend. The Women’s Conference was great! Thanks ladies for your inspirational worship. You ladies inspire me every year as you gather to worship and study. Thank you for allowing the guys on the team to share these moments with you.

The addition of the horn section on Sunday was exciting. The guys in the horn section are ready for more challenges. Here we go! Praise God.

Choir your spirit and sound this week were inspiring. You looked like you really meant it. I am really excited about Palm Sunday and Easter.

Have a Great Week!

One Response to Worship This Weekend

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks, Dean, for your continuing great leadership despite your additional “challenges.”
    As we discussed yesterday, the women have set a tremendous example for us men – what they put together “for themselves” with the conference has spread God’s love over to uplift the whole church, and the men should follow suit (to benefit our men, and through us, the church as well). The “BoB” men’s group here is aware of this, and they are looking in to options for a men’s conference here – please encourage and pray for them.

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