Meeting the Doctor

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be returning to Johns Hopkins to meet with Dr. Leharu. Our understanding at this point is that he will be sharing their plan for my treatment to attack this cancer in the liver.

Pray for Dr. Leharu, Dr. Herman, and Anna Howard (research nurse) to have the greatest wisdom as to what to do. Offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God for providing me with the best care possible.

I am feeling good, however, a little tired today. Pray for my strength and blood counts. Thank you all so much for your prayers and encouragements. I love your comments and read every one.

2 Responses to Meeting the Doctor

  1. Steve says:

    Dear Lord,
    We humbly come before Your Presence today with thanksgiving for our brother Dean and his family – thank you for everything that you have done for them so far, and for how our lives have been blessed as well.
    We pray earnestly today for his health, and for his medical care team, that you will guide them to the best treatment decision for him today. Bless his care team, that they will be well, and in top condition to provide care.
    Please provide Your Peace for Dean, Lynne, Chris and Callie for the days ahead, and guide and direct their paths. We pray for Your Will to be done in all things, and that Your Kingdom will prevail.
    In the blessed name of our loving Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

  2. lawanda says:

    I AM HERE . Very slowely ; the libary lady help me to get to you . O K you can stop laughing now . I will call later & talk to Lynne later to find out what the doctors had to say today . You all know we are all praying for all of you , and the caregivers . I would stay & chat , but I am afraid they will want to closa before I can say mush more . Tell everbody I said HELLO & I LOVE YOU`ALL .

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