I don’t recommend my diet

Good news! I have gained 5 pounds since last Thursday. Burger King burgers and shakes sure are good! ) At this rate I’ll be going on a diet by labor day. Actually I’ll need every pound since the radiation will cook it off of me. Praise God! Thank you God for that promise in Isaiah 58.

Will not know the results of the CT scan for a day or two. Praying that everything is clear. Met with the Medical Oncologist, it was short. It seems that since I am doing the clinical trial most everything is set. Five days a week for five to six weeks of radiation and chemo together. Take a month off to heal and four months of chemo. That is once a week for three of the four weeks for four months. Doesn’t sound like fun to me, but I am so blessed to be a part of this cutting edge technology. Continue to pray! I am trusting God everyday.

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