Specific Prayer Requests

Hi All!

It has been a few days since I’ve shared any specific requests. Today was a special day when my friends and collegues (the staff at the Church at Severn Run) came by the house for their weekly prayer time. I shared a few specific requests with them that I will share here:

  1. Continued strength (body & voice)
  2. weight gain (that food nutrients will be absorbed)
  3. get blood sugars under better control
  4. my family Lynne, Chris, & Callie

5 Responses to Specific Prayer Requests

  1. Debi says:

    We will surely be praying for your strength, weight gain and blood sugar levels and also for Lynne, Chris and Callie. We love you all and continue to lift you up daily!


  2. Thanks for the blog. It is very helpful. I just returned from a mission trip to Calgary, Alberta and was working with Trinity Baptist Church. It is pastored by Robert and Peter Blackabee, Henry’s nephews. We had special pray for you and your family in Canada last week and will continue to do so here in Leesville.

  3. Holland says:

    Uncle Dean, This is my first visit to your blog. It is great to see how you are doing. You, Aunt Lynne, Chris, and Callie are in my thoughts and prayers. You are incredibly inspiring, to be going through this, and staying so strong in the Lord. The “Graciousness of Uncertainty” is a wonderful lesson for all, especially me, so thank you for putting that reminder out there!
    Love, Holland

  4. David and Teresa McConathy says:

    We are praying daily for you and your family. You will also hold a special place in hearts.

  5. Hey Dean,

    Praise the Lord for His healing and comfort. Thank you for giving Him the glory through all you are experiencing these days. You are a great example to me.


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