Praying specifically today

Dean slept well last night but woke up with very high blood sugars. Pray that the blood sugars will fall to a more normal level today. He is also having extreme reflux. Pray that this will be better once he gets some meds for it. Thanks for the prayers today.

2 Responses to Praying specifically today

  1. Maxine Williams says:

    Thanks for the updates on Dean! He is certainly in our prayers and will continue to be all during the day — and when I wake up at night! If there is any thing else we can do, please let us know. If you need food –anything — let me know. I’m a free woman now!!! I’ll be going to the commissary tomorrow and if I can pick up anything, let me know. I’d be tickled pink to do it!
    We love you all!

  2. Christy says:

    Hi everyone,

    I am so sorry I haven’t been keeping up like I should, so much to do in a day right now with kids, work and lots of physical therapy. I checked in and was so glad to hear that Dean got to go home. I was only in the hospital for 5 days and was miserable. I can’t imagine how good it must of felt to finally get to go home. I am so happy for all of you and my prayers are definitely with you. I know that I am so far away but I am always here if you need me. I love and miss you guysl

    Love, Christy

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