Happppy July 4th!


Dean is celebrating July 4th with some good drugs!

Dean is doing well today after having a pretty rough night. The foods that he ate yesterday upset his stomach, so they are withholding solid foods today and have him on an IV drip. He is doing much better today. They may put him back on a liquid diet tomorrow and see how he does. We are not discouraged by this, we just don’t want to rush his food intake.

Please continue to pray for his food intake and that his stomach will tolerate it.

8 Responses to Happppy July 4th!

  1. Gloria Brooks says:

    Loved the picture! You look pretty good, considering all you have been through. By the way, tell them to put some watermelon in the IV drip. Don’t want you to miss out.

    I’m thankful for the care you are receiving and pray that each day you will make marked improvements. I will pray for your food tolerance situation, and I know God is going to take care of that for you.

    Thanks for this wonderful blog. It allows us to keep up with all your “happenings.”

    Love you,

  2. Richard Green says:

    Dean, Me too, love the pic. Been praying for you and recovery. Know that God has you right in the palm of his hand.



  3. Gayden says:

    Hello to all, I am so glad to get a good up-date!! I have prayed every day since the news of your surgery. I will be in Destin for a week, but will pray and check the site when I return. We love you all.
    M. Gayden

  4. Joy Isbell says:

    Dean, praise the Lord that you are on your way to being healed! I am so glad that 99% of the lymph nodes are clean. That is wonderful news.

    We are heading to DC July 13-18th and I want you to be feeling good so we can visit! Keep up the progress and we are continuing to pray for you!

    Joy Isbell

  5. Kathy Rumfellow says:

    Hey Dean! I just got your blog info today and read through all the entries. I had the Whipple procedure when I was so sick back in 2000 so… I know what you’re facing. Feel free to call with any questions. I’m praying for you and rejoice that everything has gone well thus far. God bless you my brother. In Him, Kathy R.

  6. Tmo and Darcie says:

    Hi there …..we’ve been talkin to God and trustin Him to provide ALL of your needs……Our Praises are constant for the progress thus far…it’s amazin how He constantly does these miracles 🙂 Seriously, our prayer is also for strength….. we love you all…. and we SO miss you…

    still servin HIM
    Terry and Darcie

  7. Darron and Christy says:

    HI Dean, Know that we love you and are praying for you, Lynn, Callie and Christopher. Don’t give those nurses a hard time! Love You, Darron and Christy Mitchell

  8. Hey Dean,

    Praise the Lord for His continued work in your body and through your life.

    You look like Chuck Norris with that beard! Ready to take on the world.

    Our prayers are with you daily. As our little Caleb goes to bed at night we pray for your healing. He prays for “Mr. Dean Morris.” 8o)

    We love you and will continue to lift you up in our prayers, my brother. You are a wonderful gift from God to those who know you.


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