Praise God!!!

I am writing this with a grateful heart and thanking our Great Physican. Dean made it through the surgery and is doing well. It was a long 8 hour surgery and the doctor did have to remove the entire pancreas but he said he saw no evidence that the cancer has spread beyond the pancreas. He did remove some surrounding lymph nodes and they are being tested. We should have the results sometime next week. He will be in ICU for the next day or two. He will be in the hospital for approximately 7-10 days.

I want to thank all of you for your love, support and prayers. That is what has helped us get through this. For those of you who came and sat with us, thank you! It was very comforting to see how much Dean is loved.

When we first found out that Dean would be having surgery this week, he looked at me and said “Happy Anniversary”. (Friday we will celebrate our 28th anniversary.) I looked at him and told him that it will be the happiest when the doctor tells us that he will be ok. And guess what, this is the happiest anniversary that I have had so far! Thank you, Awesome God!!!

Please continue to pray for Dean as he recovers and pray that the lymph nodes are free of cancer.

I will keep you all updated!


8 Responses to Praise God!!!

  1. Heather Conkle says:

    Lynne, You are ALL in our prayers. Wish we were there to hug each of you and pray with you in person, but we are rejoicing with you this morning! Love, The Conkles

  2. Robert Drouin says:

    A Happy Anniversary indeed !!! – there are many here at my Work and my family that are praying for you guys……

    The Drouin’s

  3. Dan Wilson says:

    Praise be to God!It won’t be too much longer that he’ll be dancing on stage again!!

  4. Valerie Wilson says:

    We’re thrilled to hear that Dean’s surgery went so well. God is good and He has not forsaken us. Many prayers for Dean’s full recovery, we will miss him greatly at church.

    The Wilson’s

  5. The Christopher's says:

    You continue to be in our prayers….. May you ccontinue to know the LOVE and PEACE of God in your hearts.

    Judith and Alex

  6. Debi says:

    Enjoyed talking today. We are thankful for the good report! Wish we could all be there with you!


  7. Gloria Brooks says:

    It’s frustrating for those of us in Texas not to be able to be with you and your family during this health crisis. However, I believe we serve a great and mighty God, and we put our trust and hope in Him. We put our trust in Him for all our tomorrows. I know you will do the same. Your name has been raised up today in prayer in my Sunday School class at First Baptist Church Troup, Texas, and it was a beautiful prayer on your behalf. I pray that God will provide for your needs. Love, Glo

  8. Ginger Andrew says:

    Hi Baby Brother,
    I’m hoping you’ve had a good day today and tolerating all that delicious hospital food!
    We’ve been thinking of you all day and wishing we could be there. Your blog is a real
    testament to God’s amazing love! Oh….and love the red, white & blue headband!!
    Talk to you soon,

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