New Scheduling System Coming!

Planning Center

In the next few weeks you will begin receiving emails from me through the Planning Center. These emails will be inviting you to participate in leading in worship on specific days. Please respond by accepting or declining the invitation. You may then look at the plans for that particular service. You will also note the rehearsal times and sound check time. (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE SCHEDULE AS PREVIOUSLY POSTED HAS NOT CHANGED. Also, the teams have not changed.)

I am really excited about this NEW system of communicating plans for services in the future. This will assist us all in planning for the best services possible. You may even log in with your own password and see your schedule. You can also block out dates that you know you will not be in town so you don’t get scheduled.

There are other cool features that I’ll share with you in the coming weeks that will help us better prepare for rehearsals and services. Go visit the Planning Center and check it out when you get your initial email. I think you will find it real easy to use.

Thanks for serving! – DM

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