Focus in 2007 (and beyond)


Drew has asked the staff to share a little of the vision God has given for our ministries. Here is a preview:


For the Worship Ministry, our focus, our one purpose is to facilitate encounters with God. Encounters that are bathed in prayer, centered on God, and require our obedient response. Encounters where an unbeliever will feel welcomed and leave saying, “God is really among you!”

Just as this room was designed to assist in facilitating encounters with God; we are working hard to design worship experiences that are culturally relevant and theologically sound with the singular purpose of leading God’s people to focus on and adore God alone.


Our passion is loving God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. With everything that we are, we will be living 24/7 lives of worship to God. Our worship will be passionate, not just going through the motions doing my duty going to church life. Active, engaged, and involved worship.


When we are focusing our hearts affections and our minds attention on God we will be living a life of passion for God that will draw people to God. Disciples will be growing in this environment of worship and pre-Christians will be drawn to God through the passionate worship of his disciples.

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