One More Story

I have to share this story with you it is unbelievable how God has worked through this Christmas program. Drew related this story to me just the other day. Last week while he was in the mall he saw one of our attenders and they began to talk about the church and the Christmas program. The attender shared his story with Drew. When he was younger his Dad left the family and he had little contact with him and not seen him in 10 years. A couple of years ago his dad came to Christ and wanted to make right his relationship with his family. Long story short. On Dec. 9th his dad flew into town and they had supper together. It was a great reunion. The next morning they came to church together at The Church at Severn Run. That’s right, you guessed it. They came to “A Christmas Prayer” and were blown away by the story line that nearly mirrored their story. God affirmed so many things in their lives that day.

God is at work around us. It is so awesome to see and hear stories like these of how God is transforming lives. Thanks again for your faithfulness.

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