Big Weekend

It’s here, the Grand Opening Celebration! This weekend the Church at Severn Run will be host to perhaps the largest crowd in it’s history. Many will come just to look around. Others are looking for a church home. Still others are coming because their neighbor, friend, or work associate invited them. Our task, to pray for our guests. God is already working in the lives of hundreds of our guests. Some will return in following weeks because they will respond to God prompting in their lives. Pray for God to use you this weekend to touch these lives as you greeting and meet them. It’s going to be a great weekend.

REMINDER: Our pre-service sound checks will follow the following schedule:

7:45 am – Band arrive and tune up.
8:00 am – Worship Team sound check
8:30 am – Choir sound check
8:45 am – Drama sound check
9:00 am – Stage is empty and ready for guests to enter

Thank you to all of you who have spent so much time to prepare for this day. Let’s join together to glorify our Lord!

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