Awesome First Sunday!

A very special thank you to you all! Sunday was a great first Sunday. I can’t wait to see all that God is wanting to do in our future worship. Thanks for your patience with me last week. I knew it was going to be a busy week and you guys went the extra mile. The worship band did a great job getting use to the AVIOM monitoring system. I’m sure we will be spending some time tweaking the system. The vocal team did a great job learning some last minute music. You guys do a great job of connecting with the congregation. The choir was awesome! I don’t know where we will put them but I still have a vision of 100 in choir. We’ll figure the rest out later. The guys with the video did a great job with all their new tools. Thanks for all showing up and learning the new system. And the audio team, you guys did an outstanding job all week. Especially Sunday. Chris and Phil will be talking with you all about additional training.

I’m taking Monday off, so the worship team update may not be complete until Monday evening. I will at least post the team for this week. Later in the week I’ll get the fall schedule up. Let me know if you have any date you will be out of town.

Have a great week! – Dean

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