Good News, Not So News

Which do you want to hear first? I usually want to hear the not so good news first. Well, here it is: we will NOT get our full occupancy certificate this week. What does that mean? It simply means we will NOT be worshiping in the worship center this week. This is not good news but it certainly could be worst.

Now for the good news. We WILL be worship at Severn Run! Yeah!!! We will be worshiping in the Student Worship area on the 2nd floor. Services will begin at 9:15 & 11 am. This will truly be an exciting day for the Church at Severn Run. Many of you have been praying for the inspections this week. Several were delayed until today. Over all it was a good day. The elevator inspection passed! We were even able to invite the elevator technician to our grand opening. God works in such awesome ways. There are still a couple of inspections needed before the final building inspection. Continue to pray that those will happen early next week.

This weeks worship team will meet at the regular time on Sunday morning in the Student worship area. See you there!

One Response to Good News, Not So News

  1. bassguy says:

    Thanks, Dean, for all of your hard work and encouragement (and for doing all of this for Pastor Drew while he’s away! You must have pretty good bonuses worked in to your contract…). Looking forward to worship this week in our new building! Did the “Coffee Shop” in the Atrium pass inspection??!!

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