Me, a Spiritual Leader?

If you are accessing this website, you are a spiritual leader. As part of the Worship Team you are a spiritual leader. Shortly after I arrived in Maryland I attended a conference on leadership led by Henry Blackaby and his son Richard. Here is their take on the Role of Spiritual Leaders:

  • THE SPIRITUAL LEADER’S TASK IS TO MOVE PEOPLE FROM WHERE THEY ARE TO WHERE GOD WANTS THEM TO BE. Once spiritual leaders understand God’s will, they make every effort to move their followers from following their own agenda to pursuing God’s purposes.
  • SPIRITUAL LEADERS DEPEND ON THE HOLY SPIRIT. They seek to move people on to God’s agenda, all the while being aware that only the Holy Spirit can ultimately accomplish the task.
  • SPIRITUAL LEADERS ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO GOD. They assume their responsibility is to move people to do God’s will. Until they do this, they have not yet fulfilled their role as leaders.
  • SPIRITUAL LEADERS CAN INFLUENCE ALL PEOPLE, NOT JUST GOD’S PEOPLE. History is replete with examples of Christian men and women exerting spiritual leadership upon secular society.
  • SPIRITUAL LEADERS WORK FROM GOD’S AGENDA. God’s concern is not to advance leader’s dreams and goals or to build their kingdoms. His purpose is to turn His people away from their self-centeredness and their sinful desires and to draw them into a relationship with Himself.

As we look forward to the Severn Run Leadership Summit on August 25 & 26 I pray we will be this kind of spiritual leader. The breakout session iLead|Worship is designed to help each of us become a Spiritual Leader. If you haven’t signed up you can sign up online by using this special iLead|Worship Registration Form. If you need childcare for the conference please email me ASAP as space is limited for childcare. The $10 cost for the conference can be paid at the door.

Have a great week!

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