New Songs

Hey Team – I hope you have had a great week. There is great progress happening at Severn Run. They fired up some sound in the youth area last night. The youth will be rockin’ the house when the whole system is up. It will be awesome. Continue to pray!

Steve emailed me and reminded me that I said I would post the new song we learned last Tue. (Thanks Steve!) I am sorry I forgot to put it up. Here is the link to “Because of Your Love” . Everyone needs to give this song a listen, we will be doing this during the first few weeks in the new facility. (Which by the way is still tentatively set for Aug 6th. That still could be delayed a week.) I will be posting that first service soon.

Please also listen to these arrangements that the choir will be singing for the Co-Missioning Celebration on August 27th.

I will be posting other new songs as they are confirmed for these upcoming services.

2 Responses to New Songs

  1. Heather says:

    Dumb question – is the choir still rehearsing on Wednesday nights?

  2. Dean says:

    Not a dumb question. We will resume choir once we get into the new facility in August. I’ll post the date and time here as well as send out an email.

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